20 Amazing Shelves

Picking the perfect floating shelf for your house can be an intense process. Shelving isn’t something that most people give a lot of thought too, but shelving can be a very important part of a room. Although there are lots of options when it comes to shelving, floating shelves are becoming more and more popular. Unlike traditional shelving, floating shelves are mounted to the wall to give the appearance that they are suspended in air.

Although floating shelves may not always be able to hold large amounts of weight, they are perfect for items that you want to put on display or would like to have easy access to. With that being said, floating shelves can be a perfect addition to spaces like living rooms and bedrooms.

Not only do these trendy shelves serve the practical purpose of storage items, but they can also make bold and stylish statements that can help with the overall design of your room. If you thought shelving was boring, think again. These floating shelf ideas are fun and unique. Here are 20 of the most creative floating shelf designs.